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Exmouth Cape Holiday Park

Exmouth, Western Australia

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Lakeside is a sheltered calm beach within the spectacular Cape Range National Park that provides a great opportunity for snorkelling off the beach and exploring the spectacular marine life of the Ningaloo Reef.

For the less energetic, laze on the pristine white sandy beach taking the occasional dip in the ocean to cool off. Bring a packed lunch to enjoy on the beach and make the most of the perfect weather of the northwest.

Wander along the extensive remote beach or take to the surrounding rugged gorges and bushland to explore the surrounding National Park. Discover over 600 species of flowering plants found in the parkland and look out for the variety of fauna such as the red kangaroo and rock wallabies.

Lakeside Beach in Cape Range National Park is a half hour drive from Exmouth and 14 hours north of Perth. Home to breathtaking canyons and gorges you will need as much time as possible to explore the beauty of this land and sea.


  • Historical Sites and Heritage Locations (4)
    1. Harold E Holt Naval Communication Station Approaching the Harold E Holt Naval Communication Station near Exmouth, you will not be able to miss Tower Zero, which is one of the largest towers in the southern hemisphere. Take a walk around the non restricted areas which remain open to the public and learn about the important role the naval station played during World War II. It was the base for passing messages between Australian and United States' command centres and their ships and submarines.
    2. Potshot Monument A visit to the Potshot Monument near Exmouth in the states north provides you with an opportunity to learn about one of the significant roles the West Australian coast played in World War II. Located on the site of Operation Potshot, the monument commemorates the use of the West Australian coast for the allied attacks on the Japanese.
    3. Vlamingh Head Lighthouse The Vlamingh Head Lighthouse offers spectacular views of Ningaloo Reef and a great vantage point to witness the famous Western Australian sunset from its elevated location on a hill above the ocean near Exmouth. Take a tour of the lighthouse and learn about its interesting history and that of other lighthouses in the area. An interactive tour suitable for children is also offered.
    4. Wreck of SS Mildura The intriguing sight of the shipwreck of SS Mildura can be seen from the shores of picturesque Lighthouse Bay. Most of the remains were salvaged and used for renovations and the hull was used for bombing practice in World War II. Situated on Ningaloo Reef, the bay offers many opportunities to dive and explore the plethora of marine life.
  • National Parks and Reserves (2)
    1. Cape Range National Park Pristine Cape Range National Park near the town of Exmouth offers some amazing outback adventures from four wheel driving to gorge hiking and bush walking - and what's more it adjoins a stunning coastline where you can go swimming and snorkelling.
    2. Jurabi Coastal Reserve The scenic bush walks, unspoiled beaches and proximity to Ningaloo Reef make Jurabi Coastal Reserve an unforgettable experience. Take a short stroll or an extended hike around the reserve, witness magnificent seabirds soaring through the sky and a countless varieties of native flora.
  • Natural Attractions (16)
    1. Charles Knife Road Charles Knife Road in Cape Range National Park leads you up to the top of the spectacular ranges offering awesome views back into the Charles Knife Canyon, the gorges and Exmouth Gulf. If possible try and arrive at the top of the road at sunrise as you will be blessed with an unforgettable sight.
    2. Coral Spawning The pristine waters of Ningaloo Reef transform into colourful clouds each year during the Coral Spawning season.
    3. Humpback Whales One of the best places in Western Australia to see migrating Humpback Whales is Ningaloo Marine Park off the coast of Exmouth and Coral Bay.
    4. Lakeside Lakeside is a sheltered calm beach within the spectacular Cape Range National Park that provides a great opportunity for snorkelling off the beach and exploring the spectacular marine life of the Ningaloo Reef.
    5. Lighthouse Bay Lighthouse Bay is extremely popular due to the diverse range of water based activities on offer. Try your hand at fishing from the beach, surf the waves, swim in the calmer shallow waters or just laze on the beach and take in the beauty of the bay. Whilst on the beach you will be able to see the remains of SS Mildura which ran aground in 1907 following a cyclone.
    6. Mandu Sanctuary Zone Mandu Sanctuary Zone provides an excellent opportunity for snorkelling amidst the stunning corals and abundant marine life of the world famous Ningaloo Reef. Time your visit with the incoming tide if possible for an unforgettable experience underwater.
    7. Muiron Islands Go snorkelling and swimming at the Muiron Islands in the Ningaloo Archipelago and you'll be rewarded with views of tropical fish and coral.
    8. Ningaloo Marine Park UNESCO World Heritage listed Ningaloo Marine Park is where you'll find the world's largest fringing reef, the Ningaloo Reef - 300 kilometres of biodiversity reaching from Red Bluff to Exmouth, and just a short swim from the shore in many places.
    9. Sandy Bay For a lazy holiday of swimming and relaxing, head to Sandy Bay near Exmouth on Western Australias mid north coast.
    10. Shothole Canyon Shothole Canyon offers breathtaking views of Cape Range National Park near Exmouth. Take a scenic drive around the canyon and seize the opportunity to stop and examine the colourful layers of the canyon rock face. Join the walking trail at the bottom of the canyon to explore the national park and look out for some of the resident marsupials. In early spring you will see an abundance of wildflowers including many species that are unique to the area.
    11. Surfers Beach You will be enthralled by the magnificent waves at Surfers Beach, just 15 minutes drive north of Exmouth. Although it is only recommended for the experienced surfer, spectators will also be fascinated by watching the surfers tackle the large waves at the reef break. Aptly named, Surfers Beach is the best spot on the North West Cape for surfing.
    12. Swim with the Whale Sharks World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef is one of the few places on Earth where you can swim with whale sharks - the world's largest fish. A face-to-fin encounter with these gentle giants is a truly awesome and humbling experience to add to your bucket list.
    13. Tantabiddi Tantabiddi beach is a beautiful beach a short drive from Exmouth. It is extremely popular with tourists as most boating tours start from this location. Before taking a tour of Ningaloo Reef, start your exploration here as the beach is an excellent snorkelling location. Cast a reel into the ocean and try and catch your evening meal. Alternatively, take a dip in the refreshing waters and make use of the wide flat beach for a game of cricket.
    14. Town Beach The Exmouth coastline offers a number of beautiful sandy beaches and the Town Beach is the most accessible and closest to the town centre. The beach is a safe place to swim, especially at high tide even with children. Drive your four wheel drive right down onto the beach and set up for a fun day out. Take a stroll along the white sand at low tide and comb the beach for many of the oceans treasures.
    15. Turquoise Bay Dive into the pristine waters of the aptly named Turquoise Bay near the town of Exmouth and you're swimming within a few metres of Ningaloo Reef.
    16. Yardie Creek Go bush walking, boating and see rare native animals at Yardie Creek gorge in Cape Range National Park.
  • Scenic Drives and Walks (2)
    1. Lighthouse Scenic Drive The Lighthouse Scenic Drive offers breathtaking views of the North West Cape as you drive up to Valmingh Head. Meander up the hill to see the grand Vlamingh Lighthouse for spectacular panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and Ningaloo Reef. Be sure to keep a look out for migrating whales during the migration season.
    2. Yardie Creek, Cape Range National Park The Yardie Creek Top Trail is located in the spectacular Yardie Creek Gorge, one hour drive from Exmouth. The ancient gorge has deep blue water, red limestone cliff faces and a wonderful array of birds and wildlife including the rare black-footed wallaby and red kangaroos. From the top, the views into the creek and out to the Ningaloo Reed are purely spectacular.
  • Zoos, Sanctuaries, Aquariums and Wildlife Parks (2)
    1. Jurabi Turtle Centre A guided turtle viewing experience at Jurabi Turtle Centre is the best way to see some of the world's most threatened species of marine turtle, as they make their nests on the white-sand beaches of World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef.
    2. Turtle Nesting Season Ningaloo Reef and adjacent islands are one of the world's major breeding areas for sea turtles. During the breeding season between December and March, Green and Loggerhead turtles make their way up the beaches to lay their eggs.


  • Festivals and Celebrations (1)
    1. Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival The Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival is an annual event held in and around the town of Exmouth on the last weekend of May. It is the final event in the Gascoyne in May series of festivals. The festival celebrates the annual migration of the whale shark, its conservation and the tourism industry it supports.
  • Sporting Events (1)
    1. Gamex Game Fishing Tournament Join Exmouth Game Fishing Club (EGFC) for Western Australia's premiere fishing tournament - GAMEX. This six-day event is held in the fish-rich waters at the tip of Ningaloo Reef off Norwest Cape. Experience extraordinary Exmouth and the small township of just 2000 people in this remote location where the desert meets the reef.


  • Full Day (4)
    1. Apache Charters Apache Charters is one of Western Australia's premier charter boat companies, specialising in all types of charters from Fremantle all the way along the coast to Montebello Islands. They have been operating Apache Charters for over 14 years and remain one of the only charter companies with its original owners who also skipper the boat - rest assured customer service and a professional operation is their main focus. Their 70 foot vessel, Lady Grace, is lovingly maintained to a very high standard and the company has earned the Tourism Accredited Tick.
    2. Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours At Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours they believe your experience swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Ningaloo Reef should be relaxing, memorable and above all, enjoyable. They take that extra step in making sure your day is exactly that, and guarantee their tours to be second to none, always.
    3. Ningaloo Blue Dive - Whaleshark Tour Join Ningaloo Blue Dive from April to July for a life-changing experience; swimming with the giant Whale Sharks on the Ningaloo Reef. The Whale Shark is a totally harmless, filter feeding fish which is renowned for being the biggest fish in the sea, growing to lengths of up to 18 metres.
    4. Ningaloo Safari Tours Join Ningaloo Safari Tours and discover the wonders of Ningaloo in a day.
  • Half Day (3)
    1. Alek & Gina's Ningaloo Ecology Cruises Glass Bottom Boat Exmouth Just imagine...crystal clear waters, myriad of colourful fish, turtles, sting rays...
    2. Snorkel Ningaloo Here is a great tour in Exmouth that will take your snorkeling experience to a whole new level. Using your own Seadoo power underwater scooter, you'll be propelled effortlessly through the marine ecosystem of the Ningaloo, where you will see the tropical fish and coral that made Ningaloo one of the world's most desirable snorkeling destinations. You'll cruise through the crystal clear blue waters like James Bond, in a unique and thrilling experience!
    3. Yardie Creek Boat Tours A one-hour cruise along the protected waters of Yardie Creek is an ideal, relaxing and leisurely way to experience the spectacular colours and beauty of this rugged gorge. Learn what makes Yardie Creek special with experienced guides who will point out the unique array of wildlife living in the gorge - including the rare black-footed rock-wallaby, numerous birds and their nesting sites and a surprising variety of marine life.

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